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Waiting for Godot
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Question 1 of 14

One strong motif in this story is...

  • Repetition
  • Love
  • Brotherhood
  • Wealth

Question 2 of 14

Where are Estragon and Vladimir supposed to meet Godot?

  • By a tree
  • By a park bench
  • Under a city bridge
  • Near a fountain

Question 3 of 14

What is one obvious connection that the reader can infer about Estragon and Vladimir?

  • Both men depend upon one another
  • The two men have just met
  • The two men are brothers
  • Estragon and Vladimir deeply dislike each other

Question 4 of 14

What book do the two men discuss at length in the beginning of the play?

  • The Bible
  • A Tale of Two Cities
  • The Canterbury Tales
  • The Great Gatsby

Question 5 of 14

In the very beginning of the play, what does Vladimir help Estragon remove?

  • His boot
  • His sock
  • His top hat
  • His tie

Question 6 of 14

Who is Lucky?

  • Pozzo's slave
  • Pozzo's little brother
  • Vladimir's nephew
  • A messenger

Question 7 of 14

While passing through, we find that Pozzo is on his way to do what?

  • Sell Lucky at a fair
  • Find Godot himself
  • Buy some produce at the local market
  • Enter Lucky in a contest

Question 8 of 14

Where does Estragon say he wanted to go for a honeymoon?

  • The Holy Land
  • Paris
  • Hawaii
  • Greece

Question 9 of 14

What message does the boy have for Estragon and Vladimir?

  • Godot won't come today, but he will tomorrow
  • Godot doesn't want to see them anymore
  • Godot requests that the meeting be moved to 3:00
  • Godot wishes to take them to dinner instead

Question 10 of 14

At the beginning of Act II, what is different about the tree they are under?

  • It has grown leaves
  • The tree's bark is now peeling
  • Fall has come, and the leaves are changing colors
  • It remains bare

Question 11 of 14

On the second day, what posession of Lucky's do they find?

  • His hat
  • His lost glove
  • His mismatched pair of socks
  • His bag

Question 12 of 14

When Estragon and Vladimir run into Pozzo again, what has since happened to him?

  • He has suddenly become blind
  • He became nearly deaf
  • He lost all of his money at the fair
  • He broke his left leg

Question 13 of 14

What is Godot's final message to the men?

  • He won't be coming today, but for sure tomorrow
  • He won't be coming at all
  • They are to meet him on the other side of town
  • Estragon and Vladimir should not trust the boy

Question 14 of 14

What did Gogo pretend to be in Act II?

  • A tree
  • A horse
  • A carrot
  • A king

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