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We Have Always Lived in the Castle
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Question 1 of 12

What name does Mary Katherine go by?

  • Merricat
  • Mary
  • Mary Kate
  • Katercorn

Question 2 of 12

Who else lives with Mary Katherine and Uncle Julian?

  • Constance
  • Peter
  • Uncle Julian's wife
  • Charlotte

Question 3 of 12

What crime was Constance tried and acquitted of?

  • Poisoning her family
  • Slandering her uncle
  • Indecent exposure
  • Arson

Question 4 of 12

What does Mary Katherine put in the trash can?

  • A smoldering cigar
  • A love letter from Constance to Charles
  • Her father's will
  • Her mother's pearls

Question 5 of 12

Where do the characters live?

  • In an old estate
  • In an attic apartment
  • In a forest cottage
  • On a boat

Question 6 of 12

After the house catches on fire what doesn't happen?

  • Charles asks Constance to marry him
  • Uncle Julian has a heart attack
  • The villagers throw rocks at the house
  • The girls hide in the woods

Question 7 of 12

Who poisoned Mary Katherine's family?

  • Merricat
  • Constance
  • Charles
  • Uncle Julian

Question 8 of 12

What separates the Blackwoods house from town?

  • A high wall
  • A moat
  • A river
  • A field of corn

Question 9 of 12

What item was poisoned?

  • The sugar
  • The tea
  • The soup
  • The meat

Question 10 of 12

Who arrives at the house looking for money?

  • Charles
  • Constance
  • Dorothy
  • The sheriff

Question 11 of 12

How do the villagers show their remorse about the house?

  • They leave food for the sisters
  • They help rebuild the house
  • They take in the sisters
  • They leave money for the sisters

Question 12 of 12

What does Mary Katherine do after Charles comes to the house?

  • She refuses to live in the house
  • She never leaves her room
  • She hides in the attic
  • She sleeps at the foot of his bed

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