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Question 1 of 14

What is the name of Alice’s oldest child?

  • Madison
  • Kate
  • Olivia
  • Tom

Question 2 of 14

For how many years have Elizabeth and Ben been trying to have a baby?

  • 7
  • 10
  • 5
  • 3

Question 3 of 14

Why is Jane important in Alice’s present day life?

  • She’s Alice’s divorce lawyer
  • She’s Alice’s coworker
  • She’s Alice’s best friend
  • She’s a mom at the same school as Alice

Question 4 of 14

What kind of pie do the school moms make to honor Gina?

  • Meringue pie
  • Chicken Pot Pie
  • Chocolate Pie
  • Apple Pie

Question 5 of 14

How does Nick say he’ll know when Alice get’s her memory back?

  • She’ll look at him differently
  • She’ll avoid him
  • She’ll tell him she remembers
  • She’ll talk to him differently

Question 6 of 14

What was Elizabeth doing when she got the call about Alice’s accident?

  • Teaching a seminar
  • Driving
  • Meeting with her doctor
  • Talking with her husband

Question 7 of 14

What decoration was missing from the exterior of Alice’s present day home that she had been very fond of 10 years ago?

  • Two lion statues
  • A large oak tree
  • A water feature
  • A porch swing

Question 8 of 14

Which of these things is something 29-year-old Alice likes about present day Alice?

  • Her ability to cook
  • She cares a lot about her appearance
  • Her gym habit
  • She’s a very busy person

Question 9 of 14

What was Frannie’s career?

  • Teacher
  • Secretary
  • Seamstress
  • Typist

Question 10 of 14

Why were Alice and her neighbor on bad terms?

  • A disagreement about rezoning of their neighborhood
  • The neighbor was jealous of Alice and Gina’s friendship
  • A disagreement about gardening
  • Alice’s children were too noisy for the neighbor

Question 11 of 14

What was the topic of the angry email chain the Alice found on her computer?

  • Which parent the kids would spend Christmas with
  • Why Nick was working so much
  • Who would keep the house
  • Gina’s funeral

Question 12 of 14

Who was Gina’s husband with in the laundry room?

  • Another mom from school
  • Gina
  • Alice
  • A teacher from school

Question 13 of 14

What does Frannie call the new man at the nursing home when she first meets him?

  • Mr. Mustache
  • Phil
  • Mr. Beard
  • Xavier

Question 14 of 14

After Elizabeth learns she’s pregnant, why does Ben called Alice for help?

  • Elizabeth had been watching TV for two days straight
  • Elizabeth was bleeding and scared
  • Ben wanted advice about being good parents
  • Ben was scared Elizabeth would miscarry again and needed comfort

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