A Bucket of Blessings Book
A Bucket of Blessings Book
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A Bucket of Blessings

Written by Kabir Sehgal, Surishtha Sehgal and illustrated by Jing Jing Tsong

Published by Beach Lane Books

Publisher's Summary

A beautiful myth from India comes to life in this enchanting, New York Times bestselling picture book.

Near a majestic mountain in a vast jungle with many mango trees, it has not rained for weeks and weeks. The village well and pond are dry. Monkey and his friends look everywhere for water, but they have no luck. And then Monkey remembers a story his mama used to tell him, a story about how peacocks can make it rain by dancing. So he sets out to see if the story is true…

This little-known legend, told with dramatic rhythm and illustrated with the colors and textures of India, is sure to delight and inspire.

Topics in A Bucket of Blessings


  • Age Range: 4-8
  • Pages: 32
  • Book Type: picture
  • Publication Date: April 29, 2014
  • ISBN: 1442458704
  • ISBN 13: 9781442458703
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Kabir Sehgal

Kabir Sehgal started his class newspaper in second grade and has been writing ever since. A bestselling author of several books, he is also a jazz bassist and Grammy Award–winning producer. He lives in New York City.

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Kabir Sehgal
Surishtha Sehgal

Surishtha Sehgal was a university professor for many years and now enjoys reading to children during story time. She is the founder of a nonprofit organization that promotes social responsibility among students, and she serves on the boards of two universities and a national arts center. She lives in Atlanta.

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Surishtha Sehgal
Jing Jing Tsong

I don’t think of myself as one thing or another. I think of myself as someone who lives creatively. If you were to visit my studio you’d find evidence of this— my cello, surf board, paints, inks, notebooks, eraser dust everywhere. I’m really good at making lots of mistakes. Luckily, I am surrounded by people who encourage and guide me. And most times, I just listen to my intuition. The one thing I’ve learned through the years is that I am what I practice. So even though I will never reach perfection, I’ll keep getting better. My favorite part of the day is when Mike (author/illustrator) and I walk with our dog Prudence. This is when we share ideas we’ve been brewing, dream about possibilities, or just enjoy the trees and creatures we live with. We talk to deer, owls, and rabbits. In the winter we sing from the bluff, hoping the gray whales and orcas will hear us. For awhile, we talked to the sheep, but they soon figured out we were imposters. Now they won’t even look at us.

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 Jing Jing Tsong

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