Fur, Feather, Fin—All of Us Are Kin Book
Fur, Feather, Fin—All of Us Are Kin Book
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Fur, Feather, Fin—All of Us Are Kin

Written by Diane Lang and illustrated by Stephanie Laberis

Published by Beach Lane Books

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Publisher's Summary

There are so many wild and wonderful animals in our world. Some have fur, some have feathers, some have fins, but all are connected. This fact-filled rhyming exploration of the diversity of the animal kingdom celebrates mammals, birds, insects, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and more! It’s a perfect match for budding naturalists and animal enthusiasts everywhere.

Topics in Fur, Feather, Fin—All of Us Are Kin


  • Age Range: 3-8
  • Pages: 48
  • Book Type: picture
  • Publication Date: May 1, 2018
  • ISBN: 1481447092
  • ISBN 13: 978-1481447096
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Diane Lang

I’ve always loved animals, and even before I started teaching at nature centers, I raised guide-dog puppies. But since beginning my volunteer work at three nature centers and a state park, I’ve realized that people are eager to learn more about the natural world, and of course children always enjoy a picture book. That’s something else I’ve always loved—picture books! I have had a wonderful time writing them. I have plenty of inspiration at home. My husband and I share our house with two dogs, two tortoises, two tarantulas (who come on class visits with me), an adorable little snake, and even a black widow (who I also take to schools for kids to see the only spider in California they ever need to worry about). I love to put a spotlight on animals important to our world who do not get much love or appreciation.

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Diane Lang

Stephanie Laberis

Stephanie Laberis is an illustrator and character designer who specializes in creating art for animation, children's publications, and toys. She is the illustrator of Prudence the Part-Time Cow by Jody Jensen Shaffer. She lives in San Francisco. stephsketches.blogspot.com

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Stephanie Laberis
Animals are like us because
  1. we all want safety, shelter, and food
  2. we all eat the same thing
  3. all of our babies are born the same way
  4. we can all read and learn about other animals
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