Little Home Bird Book
Little Home Bird Book
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Little Home Bird

Written and illustrated by Jo Empson

Published by Child's Play


Publisher's Summary

Little Bird loves everything about his home. He's surrounded by his favourite branch, his favourite food, his favourite view and his favourite music. Why on earth would he ever want to change, even when his brother tells him that they must? Discover how Little Bird ends up finding happiness in his new home from home in this beautifully illustrated picture book. Perfect for all children who love home, however many they may have.


Topics in Little Home Bird

Little Home Bird is a story that plays on so many levels. Where did the idea originally come from and at what stage did you realize that this idea was going somewhere?

All my books are conceived from real life events and memories with a sprinkling of exaggeration and imagination, combined with my love of nature. The original idea for Little Home Bird is based around my experiences as a child of having quite a few different homes, my Dad was in the Royal Air Force and so moved around a lot and lived both in the U.K and overseas and when I was very young my parents separated. I wanted to express that home is where your heart is and it is the loved ones in your life that create ‘home’ wherever you are, and not material things. This book went through many cycles and about six drafts before I was happy with the final story. The final version is quite different to the first draft, mainly because I was trying to cram too much into one story, so I set it aside for a while and really thought about what was the message I really wanted this book to convey and then things started to flow much more clearly and I simplified the story right down to the core of the message.

What guides or references did you use while creating the illustrations for Little Home Bird?

I always start by doing lots of sketches from both life / nature and also watching wildlife videos.

When was your favorite time reading Little Home Bird aloud? Why?

My favorite time reading Little Home Bird aloud was during The Children’s Bookshow, which is a wonderful organisation which hires theatre spaces so hundreds of school children can see an author perform a reading from their book. I have a super talented friend called Liza Stevens who is a fabulous puppet maker. She made me the most incredible Little Bird puppet which flies across the stage carrying his nest of favourite things and with the help of children from the audience dressed up as the dog, the shepherd and the porcupine, we all act out the story of Little Home Bird. It brings the story alive and having the children taking part makes it very special to me.


  • Age Range: 3-7
  • Pages: 36
  • Book Type: picture
  • Publication Date: July 1, 2016
  • ISBN: 1846438896
  • ISBN 13: 978-1846438899
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English Degree, Former SAHM, Grammy Extraordinare

This lovely story about Little Home Bird captures perfectly attachment to the familiar, the uncertainty of going to a new place. I love that Little Bird goes with the flow and figures out what she can do to be comfortable with the new situation. The beautiful illustrations are saturated with color. I especially love that LIttle Home Bird's new home is just as colorful as the one she is used to and that the favorite things she carries toward her new home become favorites for others along the way. Reading this story could spark wonderful conversations about what we each love best about our homes and about what makes a house a home.

B is for Bookworm
Human Development Degree, Book-loving aunt

This book is absolutely stunning! The colors and sweet illustrations totally make this book, even though I love the text, too. In this book, little ones will learn about the migration of birds as well as the lesson that home is where the people you love are, and there are a lot of wonderful places that can feel like home. :)

Mom of Boys
Three little boys who love books about dragons, whangdoodles and magic.

author & illustrator
Jo Empson

Jo is a UK-based author and illustrator, and graduated from Cambridge School of Art with a Master's in Children's Book Illustration. Her first book, Rabbityness, was nomiated for 8 awards including UKLA Book Awards 2013 and Kate Greenaway Medal 2013, and her second book,Never Ever has been awarded a Kirkus Star and was nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal.

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Jo Empson

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