Mother Goose's Pajama Party Book
Mother Goose's Pajama Party Book
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Mother Goose's Pajama Party

Written by Danna Smith and illustrated by Virginia Allyn

Published by Doubleday Books for Young Readers


Publisher's Summary

"Star light, star bright, Come to story time tonight. Bring your friends and don't be late. Meet at my house, half past eight." Mother Goose has invited all her nursery rhyme friends to her house for a magical sleepover. See the Cow that jumped over the moon, who tells the Dish, who tells the Spoon, who are soon joined by Little Bo Peep, Miss Muffet, Georgie Porgie, and a whole troop of other nursery time friends. What starts with a lively parade to Mother Goose's house ends in a cozy goodnight scene featuring everyone's favorite nursery rhyme characters, the ideal note for bedtime. Includes an afterword with all the classic nursery rhymes featured in the book, making it a true treasury.

Topics in Mother Goose's Pajama Party


  • Age Range: 4-7
  • Pages: 40
  • Book Type: picture
  • Publication Date: January 1, 2015
  • ISBN: 0553497561
  • ISBN 13: 978-0553497564
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English Degree, Former SAHM, Grammy Extraordinare

With deft, rhyming references to many familiar nursery rhymes, this book makes a nice introduction to nursery rhymes as well as a fun reminder of old favorites. The quick story weaves together many characters into one cohesive tale. The beautifully colorful illustrations tell a little more of each referenced rhyme's story. All of the referenced rhymes are collected together at the end of the book and printed in their entirety. I am happy to read through a book solid with nursery rhymes but I can see how this tale with just about a dozen of the more familiar ones will be appealing to many readers.

The Goodfather
Husband. Father. Children's Book Critic Extraordinaire:)

Mom of Boys
Three little boys who love books about dragons, whangdoodles and magic.

This is such a great tale of classic nursery rhymes combined into a fun slumber party. There is something in it for everyone to love! They story flows along with one great line from many different rhymes and swirls into a magical journey of adventure and rhyming!

Lemony Snickers
Reading contracts all day long. Not bad, but not quite as fun as reading about hobbits.

Mother Goose's Pajama Party is a wonderful collection and reinvention of the classic Mother Goose nursery rhymes. Danna Smith creatively weaves together a story featuring favorite characters from the famous old rhymes. Like the classic rhymes, the story is rather nonsensical, but for parents, the book is likely to bring pleasant reminiscences. Depending on their exposure, children may not be so familiar with some of the classic rhymes. However, the final pages of the book include each of the original rhymes.

Readerly Mom
Bay Area mother of two, world traveler, book lover, picky reader

Danna Smith

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Danna Smith
Virginia Allyn

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Virginia Allyn

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