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The Showstopper
The Showstopper
The Showstopper
The Showstopper
The Showstopper
chapter • 216 Pages
The Showstopper
Book #1

The Showstopper

Written by Mary Casanova
8 - 10
Reading age
Page count
Feb 19, 2018
Publication date


Rebecca and Ana take jobs at a Broadway theater, where Rebecca hopes to use her acting skills. She’s thrilled to meet Ollie, a beautiful actress working at the theater across the street. But when a series of mysterious accidents befall the young starlet, Rebecca begins to wonder whether someone is trying to keep Ollie off the stage. Can Rebecca find the culprit before Ollie breaks a leg – or worse?

American Girl: Rebecca Series

1 book
chapter • 216 Pages
The Showstopper
2018The Showstopper216

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