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Angelina's Christmas
Angelina Ice Skates
Angelina's New School
Angelina, Prima Ballerina
Angelina Takes a Bow
Angelina Ballerina
Angelina Ballerina and the Tea Party
picture • 32 Pages
Angelina's Christmas
Book #1

Angelina's Christmas

Written by Katharine Holabird & illustrated by Helen Craig
3 - 5
Reading age
Page count
Words per page
Sep 14, 2006
Publication date


When Angelina Ballerina sees old Mr. Bell all alone at Christmastime, she decides to bring him some holiday cheer. Cousin Henry doesn’t want to help–until he finds that there’s a real Santa Claus living in their town! With festive sparkly foil on the jacket and a heartwarming story, this book is perfect for holiday giving. AUTHORBIO: Katharine Holabird’s first Angelina Ballerina book was published in 1983. She lives in London. Helen Craig has illustrated more than sixty books for children, including the Angelina books. She lives in England.

Angelina Ballerina Series

Published from 2006 - 2024
46 books
2006Angelina's ChristmasKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig32
2007Angelina Ice SkatesHelen CraigKatharine Holabird32
2010Angelina's New SchoolKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig32
2011Angelina, Prima BallerinaKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig32
2012Angelina Takes a BowKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig32
2019Angelina BallerinaKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig32
2019Angelina Ballerina and the Tea PartyKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig32
2019Center StageKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig16
2019Angelina LovesKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig22
2020Dancing DayKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig14
2020Meet Angelina BallerinaKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig24
2020Angelina Ballerina Tries AgainKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig32
2020Angelina Ballerina Dresses UpKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig32
2020Sleepover Party!Katharine HolabirdHelen Craig32
2020Angelina and the PrincessKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig32
2020Angelina Ballerina Loves Ice-Skating!Katharine HolabirdHelen Craig22
2020Cupcake Day!Katharine HolabirdHelen Craig32
2020Big Dreams!Katharine HolabirdHelen Craig16
2020Angelina Feels Like Dancing!: A Touch-And-Feel Ballet BookKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig12
2021Step by StepKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig14
2021Angelina's Baby SisterKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig32
2021Practice Makes Perfect32
2021Angelina Ballerina Practice Makes PerfectKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig32
2021Angelina Ballerina at Ballet SchoolKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig24
2021Family Fun DayKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig24
2021Angelina Ballerina and the Art FairKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig32
2021Angelina Ballerina Loves the LibraryKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig32
2022Angelina at the PalaceKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig32
2022Angelina and the Valentine's Day SurpriseKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig18
2022Angelina's Ballet BagKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig12
2022Angelina at the FairKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig32
2022Angelina Ballerina by the SeaKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig16
2022Angelina Ballerina 5-Minute Stories192
2022Be a Ballerina!Katharine HolabirdHelen Craig32
2022Angelina on StageKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig32
2022Angelina and the Royal WeddingKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig32
2023Take a BowKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig24
2023The Best Big Sister Ever!Katharine HolabirdHelen Craig64
2023Angelina, Star of the ShowKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig32
2023Angelina Ballerina's Ballet Tour64
2023Angelina and HenryKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig32
2023Angelina's Big City BalletKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig32
2024Angelina Ballerina and the Dancing Princess64
2024Angelina's CinderellaKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig32
2024Angelina Ballerina and the Fancy Dress Day64
2024A Busy Day in Chipping CheddarKatharine HolabirdHelen Craig24

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