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Bunnies on the Bus
Bunnies in a Boat
Bunnies on the Bus
Bunnies in a Boat
Bunnies on the Bus
Bunnies in a Boat
Bunnies on the Bus
picture • 32 Pages
Bunnies on the Bus
Book #1

Bunnies on the Bus

Written by Philip Ardagh & illustrated by Ben Mantle
3 - 6
Reading age
Page count
Jul 14, 2020
Publication date


A romping, riotous read-aloud from best-selling author Philip Ardagh and award-winning illustrator Ben Mantle Bunnies on the bus!Bunnies on the bus!No wonder there’s a fussabout the bunnies on the bus! There are bunnies on the bus, and they’re causing mayhem in Sunny Town! Watch as they whiz past the bus stop, fly by the swings, and zoom over the crosswalk – these bunnies aren’t stopping for anyone. They finally reach the station, but where are they hopping off to now? Uh-oh . . . Acclaimed author Philip Ardagh’s rhyming, high-energy text and “Bunnies on the bus!” refrain is ideal for library or classroom read-alouds, and Ben Mantle’s colorful illustrations are chock-full of zany details perfect for repeat reads.

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Bunnies on the Bus Series

Published from 2020 - 2023
2 books
picture • 32 Pages
Bunnies on the Bus
picture • 32 Pages
Bunnies in a Boat
2020Bunnies on the Bus32
2023Bunnies in a Boat32

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