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In order from Fairy Wings to Fairy Lies
Fairy Wings
Fairy Lies
Fairy Wings
Fairy Wings
Fairy Lies
chapter • 336 Pages
Fairy Wings
#1 in Series
Book #1

Fairy Wings

Written by E.D. Baker
10 - 14
Reading age
Page count
Feb 14, 2012
Publication date


When Tamisin Warner’s swim coach sends her home with something sprouting from her back, she feels more mortified than magical. Until the Something turns out to be wings, real wings that can fly! As the magic takes hold of Tamisin’s life, she finds she is not just any fairy, but a princess, the daughter of the fairy queen. E.D. Baker masterfully takes readers on a journey to a land of strong heroines, funny sidelines, and a dash of romance.

Fairy Wings Series

Published from 2012 - 2012
2 books
chapter • 336 Pages
Fairy Wings
chapter • 245 Pages
Fairy Lies
#2 in Series
20121Fairy Wings336
20122Fairy Lies245

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