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In order from Half Upon a Time to Once Upon the End
Half Upon a Time
Twice Upon a Time
Once Upon the End
Half Upon a Time
Twice Upon a Time
chapter • 400 Pages
Half Upon a Time
#1 in Series
Book #1

Half Upon a Time

Written by James Riley
8 - 12
Reading age
Page count
Words per page
Sep 7, 2010
Publication date


In the village of Giant’s Hand Jack’s grandfather has been pushing him to find a princess and get married, so when a young lady falls out of the sky wearing a shirt that says “Punk Princess,” and she tells Jack that her grandmother, who looks suspiciously like the long-missing Snow White, has been kidnapped, Jack decides to help her.

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Half Upon a Time Series

Published from 2010 - 2014
3 books
chapter • 400 Pages
Half Upon a Time
chapter • 340 Pages
Twice Upon a Time
#2 in Series
chapter • 373 Pages
Once Upon the End
#3 in Series
20101Half Upon a Time400
20122Twice Upon a Time340
20143Once Upon the End373

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