Isadora Moon Books

In order from Isadora Moon Goes to School to Isadora Moon Gets in Trouble
Isadora Moon Goes to School
Isadora Moon Goes Camping
Isadora Moon Goes to the Ballet
Isadora Moon Has a Birthday
Isadora Moon Goes on a Field Trip

Isadora Moon Series

Published from 2017 - 2020
8 books
20171Isadora Moon Goes to School128
20172Isadora Moon Goes Camping128
20183Isadora Moon Goes to the Ballet128
20184Isadora Moon Has a Birthday128
20195Isadora Moon Goes on a Field Trip128
20196Isadora Moon Saves the Carnival128
20207Isadora Moon Has a Sleepover128
20208Isadora Moon Gets in Trouble128

The Creative Behind the Books

    Harriet Muncaster

    Harriet Muncaster loves all things miniature, and that’s what inspired her to create teeny-tiny Clementine. She holds two degrees in illustration and lives in a village in Bedfordshire, England. This is the fifth picture book she has illustrated for children.

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