Jimmy and Janet Books

In order from The Real Hole to Janet's Thingamajigs

The Real Hole
Two Dog Biscuits
The Growing-Up Feet
Janet's Thingamajigs
The Real Hole
Two Dog Biscuits

Jimmy and Janet Books in Order (4 books)

19601The Real Hole32
19612Two Dog Biscuits32
19673The Growing-Up Feet32
19874Janet's Thingamajigs32

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The Real Hole
The Real Hole
Written by Beverly Cleary & illustrated by Dyanne Disalvo-Ryan

A four-year-old boy tries to dig a huge hole, but his twin sister gets in his way

Four-year-old twins in search of a dog to eat their two dog biscuits find all the dogs undeserving and so they look for another recipient.

Four-year-old twins Jimmy and Janet can’t wait to grow up. So when they go off to get new shoes, they buy bright red boots that will s-t-r-e-t-c-h and grow along with them. “Catches the nuances of preschool concerns with extraordinary precision.”–Kirkus Reviews.

Everyone needs thingamajigs, and four-year-old Janet means to keep, her thingamajigs to herself. Each day Janet carefully chooses three little thingamajigs. And each day she neatly wraps them in a paper bag and puts them in her crib – safe from her brother Jimmy’s meddling hands. But when the bags fill Janet’s crib, Mother is at her wit’s end until she saves the day by giving the twins a big surprise that makes Janet’s paper-bag collection a thingamajig of the past. In this delightful new Jimmy and Janet story, Newbery medalist Beverly Cleary vividly recreates the pride a child takes in growing up. DyAnne DiSalvo-Ryan’s appealing, softly colored illustrations make this a true-to-life classic that is sure to find a place in every child’s heart.