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Scientist in Training
Scientist in Training
Scientist in Training
Scientist in Training
Scientist in Training
Scientist in Training
picture • 48 Pages
Scientist in Training
Book #1

Scientist in Training

Illustrated by Sarah Lawrence
4 - 8
Reading age
Page count
Sep 25, 2018
Publication date


Learn how to become a scientist in this exciting title for curious kids. Packed with bite-size information and fun facts about the life of a scientist, Scientist in Training will teach you the basics of chemistry, biology, and physics! And for added entertainment, a novelty wheel in the front cover turns to reveal the book’s topics, with a surprise extra activity inside the cover. Simple activities will test your skills and reinforce the information you read in the book. Can you create a chemical reaction? Or record data on a living plant? Or even figure out which force is needed to make an object move? Take a look inside to find out!

Science Academy Series

1 book
picture • 48 Pages
Scientist in Training
2018Scientist in Training48

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