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In order from March of the Mini Beasts to Robots Rule the School
March of the Mini Beasts
Robots Rule the School
March of the Mini Beasts
March of the Mini Beasts
Robots Rule the School
picture • 128 Pages
March of the Mini Beasts
#1 in Series
Book #1

March of the Mini Beasts

Illustrated by Sam Ricks
5 - 9
Reading age
Page count
Words per page
Apr 5, 2016
Publication date


Danger! Action! Trouble! Adventure! Introducing The DATA Set, a brand-new chapter book series for young readers. What would happen if your next-door neighbor were a mad scientist? Gabe, Laura, and Cesar live on a quiet cul-de-sac. They are the whiz kids of Newtonburg Elementary and each specializes in their own subject. In fact, everyone in town lovingly refers to them as the Data Set. However, their quiet days of learning take a sudden turn for the exciting when they meet Dr. Gustav Bunsen–a mad scientist who throws the kids into a wild spiral of adventures. When Dr. Bunsen’s latest invention, a growth ray, hits several tiny animal toys, the mini beasts don’t just grow, they come to life! The DATA Set love their new tiny pets…until they continue to grow. Now there’s an actual elephant in the room–not to mention a chimp, a giraffe, and a dinosaur. When the beasts wander off, it’s up to the DATA Set to track them down. But will they catch the mini beasts before they grow big enough to start trouble in town? With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, The DATA Set chapter books are perfect for beginning readers!

The DATA Set Series

Published from 2016 - 2016
2 books
picture • 128 Pages
March of the Mini Beasts
chapter • 128 Pages
Robots Rule the School
#4 in Series
20161March of the Mini Beasts128
20164Robots Rule the School128

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