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Bloom Boom!
Bloom Boom!
Bloom Boom!
Bloom Boom!
Bloom Boom!
Bloom Boom!
Bloom Boom!
picture • 40 Pages
Bloom Boom!
Book #1

Bloom Boom!

Written and illustrated by April Pulley Sayre
3 - 8
Reading age
Page count
Feb 5, 2019
Publication date


Discover the magic—and the science—behind spring flower blooms with this companion to the celebrated Raindrops Roll, Best in Snow, and Full of Fall. When spring arrives, flowers of all kinds sprout and grow buds and bloom. Sometimes, they bloom a few at a time. But other times, many will bloom at once in a colorful flower boom! This photographic exploration of flowers goes from the desert to the woodlands and beyond, celebrating their beautiful variety and the science behind these colorful displays.

Weather Walks Series

1 book
picture • 40 Pages
Bloom Boom!
2019Bloom Boom!40

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