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In order from Wishes and Wellingtons to Burglars and Bluestockings
Wishes and Wellingtons
Crime and Carpetbags
Burglars and Bluestockings
Wishes and Wellingtons
Crime and Carpetbags
chapter • 384 Pages
Wishes and Wellingtons
#1 in Series
Book #1

Wishes and Wellingtons

Written by Julie Berry & illustrated by Chloe Bristol
8 - 11
Reading age
Page count
Sep 7, 2021
Publication date


From New York Times bestselling and award-winning author Julie Berry comes a middle-grade fantasy adventure full of humor and heart.Be careful what you wish for …Maeve Merritt chafes at the rigid rules at her London boarding school for Upright Young Ladies. When punishment forces her to sort through the trash, she finds a sardine tin that houses a foul-tempered djinni with no intention of submitting to a schoolgirl as his master.Soon an orphan boy from the charitable home next door, a mysterious tall man in ginger whiskers, a disgruntled school worker, and a take-no-prisoners business tycoon are in hot pursuit of Maeve and her magical discovery. It’ll take all of her quick thinking and sass to set matters right. Maeve Merritt is one feisty heroine you won’t soon forget.First published as an Audible Original in 2018.

Wishes and Wellingtons Series

Published from 2021 - 2023
3 books
chapter • 384 Pages
Wishes and Wellingtons
chapter • 352 Pages
Crime and Carpetbags
#2 in Series
chapter • 368 Pages
Burglars and Bluestockings
#3 in Series
20211Wishes and Wellingtons384
20222Crime and Carpetbags352
20233Burglars and Bluestockings368

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