24 Amazing Kids Books About Alaska

Updated Apr. 23, 2019

Isn't Alaska an intriguing state? So much wonder and awe in the vastness and extreme latitude. It is the largest state in the United States. It has freezing temperatures, daylight is limited, and northern lights are seen. What amazing things that many of us miss from never having a chance to travel to this place. We hope to take you on a bit of an adventure through the books below!

Top 10 Alaska Books

If You Give a Moose a Muffin book
If You Give a Moose a Muffin
Written by Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond
picture book
Recommend Ages: 3-5
Thoughts from Mom of Boys

The illustrations in this book are great. The story is a fun version of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. As I read it, I feel like I am reliving a day with my little boys. One thing after another reminds them of something else fun to do, and eventually they remember what they were wanting in the first place.

If a big hungry moose comes to visit, you might give him a muffin to make him feel at home. If you give him a muffin, he'll want some jam to go with it. When he's eaten all your muffins, he'll want to go to the store to get some more muffin mix. In this hilarious sequel to If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, the young host is again run ragged by a surprise guest. Young readers will delight in the comic complications that follow when a little boy entertains a gregarious moose.

Mama, Do You Love Me? book
Mama, Do You Love Me?
Written by Barbara M. Joosse and illustrated by Barbara Lavallee
board book
Recommend Ages: 0-2
Thoughts from The Goodfather

This is a classic tale of the unconditional love of a parent for a child. The illustrations by Barbara Lavallee are unique and memorable, and Barbara M. Joosse's story introduces readers to authentic aspects of Inuit culture by including details like ptarmigan eggs and mukluks.

This beloved story of a child testing the limits of her independence, and a mother who reassuringly proves that a parents love is unconditional and everlasting is a perfect first book for toddlers.

Polar Bear Night book
Polar Bear Night
Written by Lauren Thompson and illustrated by Stephen Savage
board book
Recommend Ages: 3-5

After wandering out at night to watch a magical star shower, a polar bear cub returns home to snuggle with her mother in their warm den.

Alaska ABC book
Alaska ABC
Written and illustrated by Shannon Cartwright
picture book
Recommend Ages: 3-7
Thoughts from B is for Bookworm

An alphabet book all about Alaska, this read has a fun element of alliteration on almost every page. I felt like this made it a little more substantive than just a picture with the letter and one word starting with the letter.

This playful and humorous alphabet book inspires learning the ABCs and introduces young children to Alaskan flora, fauna, and culture. Meet a moose in mukluks, a reindeer in the rain, and salmon snowshoeing!

Togo book
Written by Kate Klimo and illustrated by Tim Jessell
chapter book
Recommend Ages: 7-10

"Sled dog Togo--the true hero of the 1925 Serum Run--narrates the story of his life working with musher Leonard Seppala"--

Big-enough Anna book
Big-enough Anna
Written by Ann Dixon, Pam Flowers and illustrated by Bill Farnsworth
picture book
Recommend Ages: 5-8

Describes how a small dog became the lead dog as her musher, Pam Flowers, prepared for and made her historic journey alone across the North American Arctic.

I Would Tuck You in book
I Would Tuck You in
Written by Sarah Asper-Smith and illustrated by Mitchell Watley
picture book
Recommend Ages: 3-7

Perfect for fans of The Runaway Bunny, this children's bedtime story is filled with baby animals and their mothers: an otter tucks her little one into a kelp forest bed; a family of brown bears snuggle all through the winter; a humpback whale sings a song to soothe her calf. Lovingly illustrated and lyrically written, I Would Tuck You In is written and illustrated by husband-and-wife author and artist team Mitchell Watley and Sarah Asper-Smith.

Sweetest Kulu book
Sweetest Kulu
Written by Celina Kalluk and illustrated by Alexandria Neonakis
picture book
Recommend Ages: 3-5

"This beautiful bedtime poem, written by acclaimed Inuit throat singer Celina Kalluk, describes the gifts given to a newborn baby by all the animals of the Arctic. Lyrically and tenderly told by a mother speaking to her own little "Kulu," an Inuktitut term of endearment often bestowed upon babies and young children, this visually stunning book is infused with the traditional Inuit values of love and respect for the land and its animal inhabitants."--

Good Night Alaska book
Good Night Alaska
Written and illustrated by Mark Jasper, Adam Gamble
board book
Recommend Ages: 0-3

Good Night Alaska features Anchorage, Mount McKinley, Denali National Park, McNeil River, Kodiak Island, the Iditarod, glaciers, icebergs, polar bears, walruses, caribou, crab fishing, Eskimo culture, hiking, mountain climbing, trains, and more. North to Alaska! This soothing board book explores Alaska's most scenic and treasured places. Don't forget your mittens! This book is part of the bestselling Good Night Our World series, which includes hundreds of titles exploring iconic locations and exciting, child-friendly themes.

When I Was Eight book
When I Was Eight
picture book
Recommend Ages: 6-7

Looks at the experiences of a strong-willed young Inuit girl who receives permission from her father to travel to a residential religious school run by non-Inuit outsiders, where she struggles to adapt to the new way of living.

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