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Comets, Asteroids And Meteors: Books For Kids

Looking for a list of the best children's books about comets, asteroids and meteors?

As you can see, this list of kids books about comets, asteroids and meteors is a work in progress! We’re currently exploring the best books available, and we’d love your input. If you have a title you’d suggest including on our list of kids books about comets, asteroids and meteors, please share it with us!

We’ll be featuring a variety of titles on our list, from well known classics to popular bestsellers to lesser known titles that deserve a bigger audience. We’re also including books for a range of ages, from board books for babies and toddlers, to picture books for preschool and kindergarten age kids, to chapter books for early elementary age kids.

We’d love to hear any book suggestions you have—you can comment below or email us at [email protected].

Eliot Jones, Midnight Superhero
Written by Anne Cottringer & illustrated by Alex T. Smith
picture book
Recommend Ages: 3-7

All the grown-ups comment that Eliot is “such a quiet little thing,” unaware that at night, when the clock strikes midnight, he becomes a superhero, and now he has received his most urgent mission yet, to help a group of scientists prevent a giant meteor from crashing into Earth.

What Miss Mitchell Saw
Written by Hayley Barrett & illustrated by Diana Sudyka
picture book
Recommend Ages: 4-8

Every evening, from the time she was a child, Maria Mitchell stood on her rooftop with her telescope and swept the sky. And then one night she saw something unusual—a comet no one had ever seen before! Miss Mitchell’s extraordinary discovery made her famous the world over and paved the way for her to become America’s first professional female astronomer. Gorgeously illustrated by Diana Sudyka, this moving picture book about a girl from humble beginnings who became a star in the field of astronomy is sure to inspire budding scientists everywhere.

Little Penguin Stays Awake
Written & illustrated by Tadgh Bentley
picture book
Recommend Ages: 4-8

A charming companion to Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups and Little Penguin and the Lollipop, Little Penguin Stays Awake is a funny bedtime tale that invites the reader to jump in and play along.

Little Penguin has one wish—he wants to fly just like all the other birds!

All he has to do is wish on a shooting star, but penguins have VERY EARLY BEDTIMES!

Little Penguin has tried everything he can to stay up extra late—but it’s not working.

Can YOU help him stay awake?

Like a Shooting Star
Written & illustrated by Rino Alaimo
picture book
Recommend Ages: 4-6

Award-winning filmmaker and author of The Boy Who Loved the Moon. Rino Alaimo returns with an endearing tale about courage and love. When a young boy’s father doesn’t return from the war, the lonely boy wishes upon a shooting star—one that turns out to be a little firefly who, try as she might, just can’t fly. Touched by the boy’s earnest wish, the firefly undertakes a courageous journey to bring the boy’s father home. Hope, love, and the courage of an unlikely hero fill the pages of this stunningly illustrated picture book.

Stink Moody in Master of Disaster
Written by Megan McDonald & illustrated by Erwin Madrid
picture book
Recommend Ages: 4-6

Stink takes a star turn—and helps stave off cosmic calamity—in a new Judy Moody & Friends adventure just right for newly independent readers. Look up! Look out! A comet is coming, a comet is coming! Stink is camped out in the backyard with his sister, Judy, and he can’t wait to lay eyes on P/2015 OZ4, also known as the Sherman-Holm Comet. But then news of an asteroid hitting Russia reaches Stink, and suddenly he’s feeling squeamish (and squash-ish) about close encounters of the outer-space kind. Will donning an aluminum-foil cape and building a bunker in the basement help keep him safe? Can this fearless Asteroid Boy save Earth from disaster?

  • Caroline's Comets - “Caroline Herschel was the first woman to discover a comet and the first woman to be paid as a scientist.”—

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