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Fortune-telling: Books For Kids

Looking for a list of the best children's books about fortune-telling?

As you can see, this list of kids books about fortune-telling is a work in progress! We’re currently exploring the best books available, and we’d love your input. If you have a title you’d suggest including on our list of kids books about fortune-telling, please share it with us!

We’ll be featuring a variety of titles on our list, from well known classics to popular bestsellers to lesser known titles that deserve a bigger audience. We’re also including books for a range of ages, from board books for babies and toddlers, to picture books for preschool and kindergarten age kids, to chapter books for early elementary age kids.

We’d love to hear any book suggestions you have—you can comment below or email us at [email protected].

Miss Fortune
Written by Brandi Dougherty
chapter book
Recommend Ages: 8-12

Zoe’s never been superstitious, so when she and her best friend Mia have their fortunes read at a carnival, she doesn’t take it seriously. In fact, Zoe mocks the fortune-teller. But the woman gives Zoe a necklace to seal her fortune, and as soon as Zoe puts it on, unexplained things begin to happen to her. Her bike spins out of control, a fire starts in the oven when it isn’t on, and Zoe begins receiving threatening texts and emails. The necklace must be cursed! But when Zoe and Mia return to the site of the carnival, it’s gone! Can they break the curse before something terrible happens?

The Fortune-Tellers
Written by Lloyd Alexander & illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman
picture book
Recommend Ages: 4-8

After revealing the future to a young carpenter, a fortune-teller disappears, and the young man attempts to fill the shoes of the real seer, with hilarious results for himself and the villagers, in an African tale set in a small Cameroonian town.

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