7 Parodies of Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon holds a special place in the annals of children's literature—so much so that in some circles the sweet time devoted to reading bedtime stories at the end of the night is called "Goodnight Moon time". With its iconic illustrations and story rhythm, it's no wonder that parodies have begun to pop up right and left. Let's face it—these Goodnight Moon versions are nowhere near as good as the original (in our humble opinion), but we've compiled a list of the best Goodnight Moon parodies just for you.

Some are classy takes on classic literature like "Goodnight Mr. Darcy." Others are funny commentaries on modern technology like "Goodnight iPad", that will be enjoyable for teenagers. A note about these Goodnight Moon parodies—they're really only "the best" if you're really into the parody topic and they're mostly for adults rather than children. As a disclaimer, we think very, VERY few of these are great books on their own merits. That being said, you came looking for "the best" Goodnight Moon parodies, so we've compiled them for you. If you're really looking for books like Goodnight Moon in terms of sweet sentimentality and bedtime story value, check out our list of Calming Reads for Bedtime: https://bookroo.com/books/topics/calming-reads-for-bedtime.

Goodnight Mr. Darcy book
Goodnight Mr. Darcy
Written by Kate Coombs and illustrated by Alli Arnold
board book
Recommend Ages: 2-4
Thoughts from The Book Snob Mom

Per my bio, I am indeed a Jane Austen fangirl and this delightful little parody did not disappoint. Clever references to the original “Goodnight Moon” and “Pride and Prejudice” seamlessly combined into one quick read to start the next generation of Austen-lovers off on the right foot.

The adored children’s classic Goodnight Moon gets a classic lit makeover in this charming parody of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice novel. All of Austen’s much-loved characters are at the Netherfield Ball-

In the great ballroom, there was a country dance, and a well-played tune, and Elizabeth Bennett; and Mr. Darcy surprised, by a pair of fine eyes … And don’t forget Jane with a blush and Mr. Bingley turned to mush, and a gossiping mother and father saying hush.

Goodnight Goon book
Goodnight Goon
Written and illustrated by Michael Rex
picture book
Recommend Ages: 3-5

The #1 New York Times bestselling picture book parody will have kids howling with laughter.

Goodnight tomb. Goodnight goon. Goodnight Martians taking over the moon.

It’s bedtime in the cold gray tomb with a black lagoon, and two slimy claws, and a couple of jaws, and a skull and a shoe and a pot full of goo. But as a little werewolf settles down, in comes the Goon determined at all costs to run amok and not let any monster have his rest.

A beloved classic gets a kind-hearted send up in this utterly monsterized parody; energetic art and a hilarious text will have kids begging to read this again and again.

Goodnight Batcave book
Goodnight Batcave
Written by Dave Croatto and illustrated by Tom Richmond
picture book
Recommend Ages: 4-7
Thoughts from The Book Snob Mom

If you love Batman, you’d probably love this parody. The cadence is decent and there’s certainly a lot of action for a children’s book. The illustrations spend a decent amount of time showing violent fighting, so that may be a turn off for some.

A 100% UNauthorized Goodnight Moon parody—as only the world-(in)famous MAD Magazine can do it! Batman may be ready for bed—but crime never sleeps! And before the Caped Crusader can turn in for the night, he’ll have to deal with villains like the Joker, Bane, Mr. Freeze, Catwoman and the Penguin! If the Dark Knight ever hopes to catch some z’s, he’ll have to catch Gotham’s most dangerous criminals first! In this all-new story from the Usual Gang of Idiots at MAD Magazine, the best-selling children’s book Goodnight Moon is parodied with the heroes and villains from the world of DC Comics’ Batman!

Goodnight Loon book
Goodnight Loon
Written by Abe Sauer and Lisa Ann Scott and illustrated by Nathaniel Davauer
picture book
Recommend Ages: 1-6

A charming retelling of a children’s classic in a distinctly Northwoods voice There’s a loon, of course. And a Duluth pack. And crop art, Tater Tot hotdish, and, inevitably, deer ticks. The familiar green room is set on a pontoon, lit by the moon over a quiet lake. The childhood classic Goodnight Moon is transformed into a must-have for every Minnesota child’s bookshelf. Written and illustrated by two fathers who value good rhymes and the power of simple, evocative illustrations, Goodnight Loon moves the story that so many parents know by heart into Northwoods territory. Author Abe Sauer and illustrator Nathaniel Davauer created this book as a tribute to the cherished favorite written by Margaret Wise Brown. Their faithful homage brings fresh life to a much-loved story. The words rhyme, rock, and soothe with the same cadence as the original. Yellow canoes, snowshoes, and a hungry raccoon all make appearances in the room inhabited by a beaver in a sleeping bag and his voyageur companion. Illustrations inspired by the style of Goodnight Moon will give even the youngest child something to search for on every page. It is the perfect bedtime book for babies, children, and parents looking for a story written especially for their Northwoods little ones. And where else will you find walleye eating rhubarb pie?

Goodnight Unicorn: A Magical Parody book
Goodnight Unicorn: A Magical Parody
Written by Karla Oceanak and illustrated by Kendra Spanjer
picture book
Recommend Ages: 4-7
Thoughts from The Book Snob Mom

If you are obsessed with unicorns (or one of your little readers is), this book is for you! If you didn’t cherish My Little Pony or Lisa Frank growing up, you may find it somewhat lacking.

“For all those little lords and ladies who adore unicorns, this book is the bedtime story for them! The illustrations are top-notch and beautifully colored. The prose is perfect. Highly recommended.” — The Children’s Book Review As night falls in the enchanted forest, the unicorns and their friends gather to get ready for bed. Say goodnight to all the types of unicorns — the pearly-whites, the foals, the oldens, the fluffies, the jet-blacks, the cuties, and more — as well as the wonderful beings who attend them, from rainbows and fairies to baby dragons and, of course, the full moon. Readers who’ve always wondered about unicorn habits, what a group of unicorns is called, and other mysteries will also be captivated by the fun unicorn facts that follow the story. It’s a magical, fantasy bedtime story for unicorn lovers young and young-at-heart! Grown-up fans of My Little Pony, The Last Unicorn, and Lisa Frank will treasure this book just as much as the new generation of unicornophiles!

  1. Goodnight iPad: A Parody for the Next Generation - A parody of the children’s classic and a hilarious gift for anyone that finds modern life funny and absurd. In a bright buzzing room, in the glow of the moon-and iPhones and Androids and Blackberries too-it is time to say goodnight…

  2. Goodnight Lab - In the great green lab There was a laser And a lab notebook And a picture of Einstein with a stern look It’s been a long day at the lab for this scientist. Now it’s time to say good night! Goodnight laser Goodnight notebook Goodnight picture of Einstein with a stern look While poking fun at the clutter and chaos of lab life, scientists of all ages will appreciate ending their day with this sweet parody. They’ll be rested and ready to return to the world of research in the morning!

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