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Reformers: Books For Kids

Looking for a list of the best children's books about reformers?

As you can see, this list of kids books about reformers is a work in progress! We’re currently exploring the best books available, and we’d love your input. If you have a title you’d suggest including on our list of kids books about reformers, please share it with us!

We’ll be featuring a variety of titles on our list, from well known classics to popular bestsellers to lesser known titles that deserve a bigger audience. We’re also including books for a range of ages, from board books for babies and toddlers, to picture books for preschool and kindergarten age kids, to chapter books for early elementary age kids.

We’d love to hear any book suggestions you have—you can comment below or email us at [email protected].

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Only Passing Through: The Story of Sojourner Truth
Written by Anne Rockwell & illustrated by R Gregory Christie
picture book
Recommend Ages: 7-10
A powerful picture book biography of one of the abolitionist movement's most compelling voices. Sojourner Truth traveled the country in the latter half of the 19th century, speaking out against slavery. She told of a slave girl who was sold three times by age 13, who was beaten for not understanding her master's orders, who watched her parents die of cold and hunger when they could no longer work for their keep. Sojourner's simple yet powerful words helped people to understand the hideous truth about slavery. The story she told was her own. Only Passing Through is the inspiring story of how a woman, born a slave with no status or dignity, transformed herself into one of the most powerful voices of the abolitionist movement. Anne Rockwell combines her lifelong love of history with her well-known skill as a storyteller to create this simple, affecting portrait of an American icon.
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Superheroes Without Capes: Discover the Super Powers of 20 Famous People, and Find Your Own, Too!
Written by Federica Magrin & illustrated by Isabella Grott
picture book
Recommend Ages: 9-18
What is a superhero? Meet 20 real people who have accomplished incredible things—and discover your own special powers! You don’t need a mask or cloak to be a hero, and you don’t need superpowers, either– just courage, determination, and hard work. Throughout history, there have been many so-called “ordinary” people who used their talents to make our world a better place. Here are 20 such men and women, from suffragettes and scientists to aviators, artists, and activists. Some had to overcome great challenges, and others had to try and try again, but all ultimately succeeded in their revolutionary achievements. Best of all, you can be a superhero, too—with or without your cape! Featuring: Emmeline Pankhurst * The Wright Brothers * Marie Curie * Mahatma Gandhi * Albert Einstein * Coco Chanel * Amelia Earhart * Frida Kahlo * Mother Teresa * Rosa Parks * Nelson Mandela * Anne Frank * Martin Luther King, Jr. * Neil Armstrong * Dian Fossey * Valentina Tereshkova * Stephen Hawking * Muhammad Ali * Bobbi Gibb * Malala Yousafzai

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