Author & Illustrator

Jessica Spanyol

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Rosa Plays Cars book

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Rosa Plays Cars book
Rosa Plays Cars
Rosa Loves Dinosaurs book
Rosa Loves Dinosaurs
Rosa Rides Her Scooter book
Rosa Rides Her Scooter
Rosa Plays Ball book
Rosa Plays Ball
Clive Is a Nurse book
Clive Is a Nurse
Clive Is a Waiter book
Clive Is a Waiter
Clive Is a Teacher book
Clive Is a Teacher
Clive Is a Librarian book
Clive Is a Librarian
Clive and His Hats book
Clive and His Hats
Clive and His Art book
Clive and His Art
Clive and His Babies book
Clive and His Babies
Clive and His Bags book
Clive and His Bags
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