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Agnese Baruzzi


Agnese Baruzzi has written and illustrated more than 40 children’s books that have been published in Italy, the UK, Japan, Portugal, the US, France, and South Korea. Her books with White Star include Curious Creatures, Dinosaurs Mix & Match, Dining with Monsters!, Topsy-Turvy Monsters, I’m Going to Eat You!, and Hansel and Gretel. (Bio via Sterling Fall 2018 Catalog.)

Very Hungry Wolf
Trap the Monster
Dinosaur Surprise
Turnabout Shapes
Guess What's Behind the Door?
The Book of Summer

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Book Stats


All Agnese Baruzzi Books

2020Very Hungry WolfAgnese Baruzzi16
2020Trap the MonsterAgnese Baruzzi24
2020Dinosaur SurpriseAgnese Baruzzi20
2019Turnabout ShapesAgnese Baruzzi30
2018Guess What's Behind the Door?Agnese Baruzzi20
2018The Book of SummerAgnese Baruzzi20
2018The Book of SpringAgnese Baruzzi20
2018The Book of FallAgnese Baruzzi20
2018The Book of WinterAgnese Baruzzi20
2018Hidden AnimalsCarly Blake28
2018Find the WolfCarly Blake28
2017Who's at the Window?Agnese Baruzzi48
2017How Many Are There?Agnese Baruzzi22
2017Opposite SurpriseAgnese Baruzzi30
2016Topsy-Turvy MonstersAgnese Baruzzi32
2016Hungry, Hungry Monsters26
2016Look, Look AgainAgnese Baruzzi30
2015Dining With... Monsters!Agnese Baruzzi34


Carly Blake