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Al Berenger


Al Berenger is the author of the colorfully illustrated Pocket Bios series–pocket-size picture book biographies of such historical figures as Albert Einstein, Coco Chanel, Rosa Parks, and Muhammed Ali among many others.

Pocket Bios: Joan of Arc
Pocket Bios: Princess Diana
Pocket Bios: Pablo Picasso
Pocket Bios: John F. Kennedy
Pocket Bios: Frida Kahlo
Pocket Bios: Anne Frank
Pocket Bios: Gandhi
Pocket Bios: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Pocket Bios: Nelson Mandela
Pocket Bios: Neil Armstrong
Pocket Bios: Abraham Lincoln
Pocket Bios: Blackbeard
Pocket Bios: Albert Einstein

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All Al Berenger Books

2019Pocket Bios: Joan of Arc32
2019Pocket Bios: Princess Diana32
2019Pocket Bios: Pablo Picasso32
2019Pocket Bios: John F. Kennedy32
2018Pocket Bios: Frida Kahlo32
2018Pocket Bios: Anne Frank32
2018Pocket Bios: Gandhi32
2018Pocket Bios: Martin Luther King, Jr.32
2018Pocket Bios: Nelson Mandela32
2018Pocket Bios: Neil Armstrong32
2018Pocket Bios: Abraham Lincoln32
2018Pocket Bios: Blackbeard32
2018Pocket Bios: Albert Einstein32
2018Pocket Bios: Cleopatra32
2018Pocket Bios: Isaac Newton32
2018Pocket Bios: Muhammad Ali32
2018Pocket Bios: Charlie Chaplin32
2018Pocket Bios: Marie Curie32
2018Pocket Bios: Rosa Parks32
2018Pocket Bios: Coco Chanel40