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Alison McGhee


Alison McGhee is the New York Times bestselling author of Someday, as well as Dear Sister, Maybe a Fox with Kathi Appelt, Firefly Hollow, Little Boy, So Many Days, Star Bright, A Very Brave Witch, and the Bink and Gollie books. Her other children’s books include All Rivers Flow to the Sea, Countdown to Kindergarten, and Snap!. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Laguna Beach, California. You can visit her at

Pablo  and  Birdy
Percy, Dog of Destiny
Maybe a Fox
Star Bright
The Sweetest Witch Around
Case of the Missing Donut
Bink and Gollie: Best Friends Forever
Two for One
A Very Brave Witch

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All Alison McGhee Books

2018Pablo and BirdyAlison McGheeAna Juan320
2017Percy, Dog of DestinyAlison McGheeJennifer K Mann32
2017Maybe a FoxKathi AppeltAlison McGhee288
2015SomedayAlison McGheePeter H. Reynolds42
2014Star BrightAlison McGheePeter H. Reynolds40
2014The Sweetest Witch AroundAlison McGheeHarry Bliss32
2013Case of the Missing DonutAlison McGheeIsabel Roxas32
2013Bink and Gollie: Best Friends ForeverKate DiCamillo, Alison McGheeTony Fucile88
2012Two for OneKate DiCamillo, Alison McGheeTony Fucile96
2011A Very Brave WitchAlison McGheeHarry Bliss32
2010Bink and GollieKate DiCamillo, Alison McGheeTony Fucile96
2010So Many DaysAlison McGheeTaeeun Yoo40
2009Only a Witch Can FlyAlison McGheeTaeeun Yoo32


Kate DiCamillo
Tony Fucile
Kathi Appelt
Peter H. Reynolds
Ana Juan
Harry Bliss
Taeeun Yoo
Isabel Roxas
Jennifer K Mann