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Ame Dyckman is short, loud, mischievous, and often dresses like her book characters. (SEE?!) She’s also the award-winning, internationally-translated author of the fantastically illustrated (THANKS, illustrators!) picture books BOY + BOT, TEA PARTY RULES, the New York Times bestselling WOLFIE THE BUNNY, HORRIBLE BEAR!, YOU DON’T WANT A UNICORN! (on sale February 14, 2017!), and more picture books and board books in the works! Ame lives in central New Jersey with her family, ridiculously big-eared cat, book collection, closet full of hair dye colors, and of course, the characters from her stories. (For reals! She’s currently building a homemade swimming pool for the protagonist of her upcoming series, MISUNDERSTOOD SHARK—mostly so she can have her bathtub back.) Follow Ame on Twitter (@AmeDyckman), where she posts picture book reviews, goofy poetry, and pretty much everything that pops into her (usually blue-haired, sometimes purple-haired, occasionally green-haired) head. (Bio via

Tiny Barbarian
You Don't Want a Unicorn!
Touchy the Octopus Touches Everything
Misunderstood Shark: Friends Don't Eat Friends
Huggy the Python Hugs Too Hard
Roary the Lion Roars Too Loud
Misunderstood Shark
Read the Book, Lemmings!
Boy and Bot
Horrible Bear!
Wolfie the Bunny

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All Ame Dyckman Books

2021Tiny BarbarianAshley Spires32
2019You Don't Want a Unicorn!Liz Climo24
2019DandyCharles Santoso40
2019Touchy the Octopus Touches EverythingAlex G Griffiths22
2019Misunderstood Shark: Friends Don't Eat FriendsScott Magoon48
2018Huggy the Python Hugs Too HardAlex G Griffiths22
2018Roary the Lion Roars Too LoudAlex G Griffiths22
2018Misunderstood SharkScott Magoon48
2017Read the Book, Lemmings!Zachariah OHora40
2016Boy and BotDan Yaccarino24
2016Horrible Bear!Zachariah OHora40
2015Wolfie the BunnyZachariah OHora40
2013Tea Party RulesK. G. Campbell32


Charles Santoso
Zachariah OHora
K. G. Campbell
Dan Yaccarino
Scott Magoon
Liz Climo
Ashley Spires
Alex G Griffiths