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Andrew Kolb ( is an illustrator, artist, and designer. His first picture book, Edmund Unravels, was a Canadian Children’s Book Centre Best Book for Kids and is featured in Ontario’s “Let’s Read!” campaign. Kolb received his bachelor of design degree from Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, Australia. His work has been featured in numerous galleries, exhibits, and publications, and he has collabo rated with clients ranging from start-ups to major television networks. He lives in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. (Bio via

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You say that you “draw pictures and tell stories” and you have the most fun when your “pictures tell a story.” Can you tell us more about that feeling?

I’ve always liked that feeling you get when you know there’s more going on than you can immediately see. I like creating images that feel like something existed before the image you’re seeing, and that something will continue on after. In a way, I suppose I treat my illustrations more like candid photography than studio portraits.

Would you say it’s more common that you start a new project with writing or with illustrating?

Writing. 100%. I have so much more experience drawing that I feel like I need to start with the harder parts first. Though I can’t deny that I’m already thinking about visuals when I write something down.

What have you done to develop your abilities as an author? What about as an illustrator?

Two things: I read a lot and I write a lot. I read all sorts of books (comics, picture books, novels, short stories, non fiction, etc.) and that’s helped me discover that there’s no one correct way to tell a story. As for writing, I keep a journal and it forces me to write every day, even if it’s just a recount of the day’s events.

What advice do you have for parents and others who are trying to raise readers?

Let them read what they want and find books that compliment their interests. If they only want to read about about tigers or Babe Ruth or Wizards then great! Eventually their tastes will evolve and grow, but it took me a long time to realize that you don’t have to like “the greats” and that everyone’s tastes are different; nurture that diversity.

What was or is the most difficult part of being a children’s book author and illustrator?

I suppose it’s finding something new to say, or finding a new way to say something universal. There are SO MANY BOOKS OUT THERE and I love the sheer scope of work I can explore, but you quickly discover that the surface ideas have already been done (and usually done ten times better than your original concept).

What other interests or hobbies do you enjoy?

Well I’d typically list reading as a major hobby. I also play a few recreational sports (to get me away from my work) and I play a lot of tabletop roleplaying games (Dungeons & Dragons, mostly).

Do you have a favorite children’s books?


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All Aboard! the Airport Train
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All Aboard!

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