Anjan Sarkar


Anjan Sarkar graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a degree in illustration. After that, he worked as an illustrator and graphic designer before becoming a freelancer in 2004, where he gets to work on all sorts of different projects for people of all ages! He lives in Sheffield, UK.

Hermes, the Fastest God
Zeus, God of Thunder
Athena, Goddess of Wisdom
Sadiq and the Explorers
Sadiq and the Perfect Play
Sadiq and the Ramadan Gift
Sadiq and the Bridge Builders
Rum Pum Pum
A New Planet

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All Anjan Sarkar Books

2021Hermes, the Fastest GodA.I. Newton112
2021Zeus, God of ThunderA.I. Newton112
2021Athena, Goddess of WisdomA.I. Newton112
2020Sadiq and the ExplorersSiman Nuurali64
2020Sadiq and the Perfect PlaySiman Nuurali64
2020Sadiq and the Ramadan GiftSiman Nuurali64
2020Sadiq and the Bridge BuildersSiman Nuurali64
2020Rum Pum PumDavid L. Harrison, Jane Yolen40
2020A New PlanetA.I. Newton112
2019Sadiq and the Green ThumbsSiman Nuurali64
2019Sadiq and the Fun RunSiman Nuurali64
2019Sadiq and the Pet ProblemSiman Nuurali64
2019Sadiq and the Desert StarSiman Nuurali64
2019Up, Up, and Away!A.I. Newton112
2018The Mystery ValentineA.I. Newton112
2018Baseball BluesA.I. Newton112
2018Trick or Cheat?A.I. Newton112
2018Trick or Cheat?A.I. Newton112
2018Alien ScoutA.I. Newton112
2018The New KidA.I. Newton112
2018Aliens for Dinner?!A.I. Newton112


A.I. Newton
Siman Nuurali
David L. Harrison
Jane Yolen