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April Jones Prince created her first book, The Adventures of David, using markers, printer paper, and staples, when she was just five. By the time she was eight, she had decided she wanted to be a writer when she grew up. But it wasn’t until April graduated from college that she realized she wanted to write for children. “”The books we love as children affect us like no other books we read in our lifetimes,” she says. “They stay with us and shape us. Plus, they give kids the perfect opportunity to crawl into the lap of someone who loves them and listen to a good story. What could be better?”” Before becoming an author, April worked in the editorial departments of William Morrow Books for Young Readers and HarperCollins Children’s Books. Today, she works as an editor at Studio Goodwin Sturges in Providence and teaches part-time at Rhode Island School of Design. April is the author of 11 books, with three more on the way. Her books span the range from board books to chapter-book nonfiction and have been designated a New York Public Library’s 100 Books for Reading and Sharing, a CBC-NCSS Notable Social Studies Trade Book, an Oppenheimer Toy Portfolio Gold Seal, a Child Magazine Best Book of the Year, and Amazon Best Books of the Month and Year. She writes, visits schools, and lives with her family in Massachusetts.

Books by April Jones Prince

    101 Dinosaurs
    April Jones Prince, Bob Kolar
    Twenty-one Elephants and Still Standing
    April Jones Prince, Francois Roca
    What Do Wheels Do All Day?
    April Jones Prince, Giles Laroche
    Goldenlocks and the Three Pirates
    April Jones Prince, Steven Salerno
    Dive In!
    April Jones Prince, Michelle Berg
    Dig In!
    April Jones Prince, Michelle Berg

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All April Jones Prince Books

2019Snowy RaceChristine Davenier40
2018101 DinosaursBob Kolar14
2017Goldenlocks and the Three PiratesSteven Salerno40
2013Dig In!Michelle Berg14
2013Dive In!Michelle Berg14
2006What Do Wheels Do All Day?Giles Laroche32
2005Twenty-one Elephants and Still StandingFrancois Roca32


Bob Kolar
Francois Roca
Giles Laroche
Steven Salerno
Michelle Berg
Christine Davenier