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Beck left the world of advertising to produce her two most rewarding creations: Levi and Esme. Now Beck is a full time illustrator and trying to get her kids to eat more than crackers and sultanas . Her first book - Aussie Legends Alphabet - was conceived when teaching her kids the alphabet but discovering a lack of materials that helped in an engaging way. Her second book - If I was Prime minister - was co created with her husband, Robin. It centres around the idea of what kids would do if they were Prime Minister of Australia.

Beck was excited to illustrate - My first Jewish Baby book which has just been published. This book celebrates all the things she loves about Jewish culture, especially food! Beck enjoyed illustrating bagels and brisket, rituals and holidays including Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Shabbat, and Hanukkah. She can’t wait to read it to her kids.

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