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<p><b>Brian Weisfeld</b> has been building businesses his entire life. In elementary school, he bought 100 pounds of gummy bears and hired his friends to sell them. As a teen, he made and sold mix tapes (ask your parents what that is), sorted baseball cards (he got paid in cards), babysat four-days-a-week after school, and sold nuts and dried fruit (and more gummy bears) in a neighborhood store. As an adult, Brian helped build a number of well-known billion-dollar companies including IMAX and Brian is the Founder and Chief Squad Officer of The Startup Squad, an initiative dedicated to helping girls reach their potential and follow their dreams, whatever their passions. Brian lives in Silicon Valley and can often be found eating gummy bears with his wife while watching his two daughters sell lemonade from the end of their driveway.</p><p>Visit Brian’s website to sign up for his newsletter or email him directly. You can also learn more about The Startup Squad on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more!</p>

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