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I am so happy to be sharing As Big As The Sky with you! The story is inspired by a family we stayed with in a village in Chim wang’ombe, Malawi. My husband, Bob, and I do love to travel. And when we do, we make sure we are able to meet the people and learn about their culture. We also volunteer with the refugee population where we meet fantastic people from all over the world. Before I retired, I taught reading. My favorite part was watching my student’s faces light up as they learned new words and could truly enjoy a good book.

Bob and I moved to Colorado where we both love to hike and bike and enjoy the great outdoors. We also love to visit our children and grandchildren who live just a drive away.

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Book Dedications by Carolyn Rose

  • To J J, Emily, Audie, and Griz for brightening my world. To Chelsea for sharing the Malawi adventure. and to the children of Malawi for broadening my horizons.
    As Big as the Sky