Cathy Cassidy


Cathy Cassidy wrote her first picture book for her little brother when she was eight or nine and has been writing fabulous stories ever since.Cathy is the bestselling author of <i>Dizzy</i>, <i>Driftwood</i>, <i>Indigo Blue</i>, <i>Scarlett</i>, <i>Sundae Girl</i>, <i>Lucky Star</i>, <i>Ginger Snaps</i>, <i>Looking-Glass Girl</i>, <i>Broken Heart Club</i>, the Chocolate Box Series (including <i>Cherry Crush</i>, <i>Marshmallow Skye</i>, <i>Summer’s Dream</i>, <i>Coco Caramel</i>, <i>Sweet Honey</i>, <i>Fortune Cookie</i> and <i>Life is Sweet</i>) and the first three instalments in the Lost and Found Series, <i>Love From Lexie </i>and <i>Sami’s Silver Lining.</i>

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