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CRIX SHERIDAN is a creator, illustrator, and designer calling the great Pacific Northwest home. Born east of the Rockies and west of the island of Manhattan, Crix studied screenwriting, film, philosophy, and art in school and at university. He took second prize in a one-act play contest while living abroad in Dublin during his studies of theatre. After years traveling and trying his hand at various fields, he came back to study graphic design. His distinct visual style combines the energy of animation and the love of rich, detailed illustrations. In comics he has contributed to titles including <i>Plants vs. Zombies</i> and <i>Yosagi Yojimbo.</i> His own graphic novels include <i>Motorcycle Samurai</i> and the all-ages comic <i>Spacebatand the Fugitives</i> with Top Shelf. His latest work, <i>The Trouble Makers, </i> was developed with his niece and nephews about them as superheroes. He currently lives in Seattle with his wife and their two bikes.

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