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Deborah Abela, Dip Teach, BA (Comm), Children’s Author.

After completing a teaching degree, Deb went to Africa where she was caught in a desert sandstorm, harassed by monkeys and thrown in jail…twice! She moved back to Sydney, Australia, where she has written twenty-five books including the Max Remy Superspy (Spyforce) series and Grimsdon, New City and Final Storm, about kids living in a climate-changed world. Teresa A New Australian was inspired by her dad who was born in a cave during one of the heaviest bombing raids of WW2. The Stupendously Spectacular Spelling Bee and the sequel, The Most Marvelous International Bee, were inspired by her grade 4 teacher, Miss Gray. Her first picture book is called Wolfie, An Unlikely Hero. Deb’s won awards for her books but mostly hopes to be as brave as her characters.

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