Guillermo Decurgez, “Decur”, was born in Rosario, Argentina in 1981. He is a self-taught cartoonist and illustrator, and the author of <i>Merci!</i>, <i>Pipí cucú</i>, <i>Semillas 1</i> and <i>Mi cajón favorito</i>. His work has been published in the newspapers <i>La Nación</i> and <i>La Posta Hoy</i>, and in the magazines <i>Orsai</i>, <i>Fierro</i>, <i>free lyrics</i>, <i>Ineditadas</i>, and <i>Ñ</i>. He has also illustrated “Cents del globe 3,” the board game “The Switcher,” the “Mrs. Holle” stories, “El poroto mágico,” “The almost perfect crime,” and “Ivan, the Fool.” His paintings have been exhibited in France, Spain, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, La Rioja, Buenos Aires, and Rosario. Decur’s English-language graphic novel debut, <i>When You Look Up</i>, will publish in 2020 from Enchanted Lion Books.

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