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To Read, Write and Inspire sum up Dimity’s main passions in life, along with sailing on the beam, eating ice cream and writing in her diary – although doing all three at once makes her nauseous. She’s a Kids’ Lit nut, living, breathing and reading it for huge chunks of her day. She weaves words into story webs for anthologies, digital narratives, junior novels, reading apps and most gratifyingly, into picture books.

When she’s not wrangling words, she’s reviewing, managing a team of reviewers for Kids' Book Review or sharing her love of story in front of crowds of very small people. It says so on her website, so it must be true. She loves rain and is never ever afraid of getting wet.

Dimity lives just around the corner from Bat Man on the Gold Coast, Australia although they never hang out. Such is the life of children's authors and superheroes.

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At the End of Holyrood Lane book

To Read, Write and Inspire!

I write for children because I believe being a kid is one of the coolest things you can be…next to riding dragons and lying under palm trees with a book. I believe in magic and that ice cream tastes divine in any flavour, except maybe rainbow sherbet. I hope the dozens of stories I've conjured up over the years will be read by children who love to curl up with books as much as I do.



What do you hope young readers experience from your work?

When young readers reach the end of one of my stories I hope they feel as though they have been somewhere unique and special, perhaps met someone new along the way they now view as a friend, feel a little wiser from what they have encountered with those characters and above all have felt moved in some mysterious, wonderful way by the story they have just experienced.

Do you have any favorite memories of childhood reading?

I adored reading in the backyard, usually under the peach or apricot trees, and would do so in nearly any weather. One day this proved a little problematic when I was caught in a sudden downpour whilst reading one of my favourite pony books. The book was sodden but I just kept on reading it, turning the soggy pages very very carefully. I still have that book. And, I still like reading to the sound of falling rain - but not in it!

What do you do when you're in need of some inspiration?

I usually need the cone of silence to hear what my characters are trying to tell me. A lot of my word wrangling occurs late at night in bed when all is silent. Conversely, when I'm really stuck for inspiration, I'll go for a long walk with my dogs. Strolling allows me to feel the day, smell it, and hear it, which really seems to fuel storylines for me.

If you weren't a children's book author/illustrator, what would you do?

Be a hopeless daydreamer. Or perhaps a pelican because I love the sea. Part of me still wants to be a Vet. I’d love to work in a bookshop or library, too but I think I’d go quietly nuts knowing I’d never be able to read every word in the world.

If you could collaborate with anyone on creating a children's book, who would it be?

I hold the artistic abilities of Australian author illustrator, Stephen Michael King in the highest of high regards. I just adore his whimsy infused illustrations. I would give up ice cream for the chance to have him illustrate one of my stories but I have yet to write the story I think would live up to his unique style.

What is a goal you'd like to accomplish, either within the field of children's literature, or outside it?

I would consider giving up sugar to have one of my picture books read aloud on Play School, the Australian kids' TV program. I still get a thrill out of listening to story time on that show. I'd also really love to finish every single book on my To Be Read List and bookshelf before I move on up to that big library in the sky, just in case they don't have the same titles. This would be a bigger-than-Mt Everest-accomplishment because my TBR list is bigger than Mt Everest.

Do you have any upcoming books you can tell us about?

Yes, I have another picture book about a feisty little pigeon due out mid 2019 and another issue-based picture book scheduled for 2020. Apart from that, several more of my short stories will appear in various anthologies soon and I hope to see my latest digital narrative, Seasick Stu, out on the Kindergo reading app for kids next year, too.

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PS: Who Stole Santa's Mail? book
PS: Who Stole Santa's Mail?

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At the End of Holyrood Lane book
At the End of Holyrood Lane
The Fix-It Man book
The Fix-It Man


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