Emily Calandrelli

Emily Calandrelli is the Executive Producer and host of FOX's Xploration Outer Space, which is now in its fourth season. She is also a correspondent for Bill Nye on his new show Bill Nye Saves the World, now in its second season on NETFLIX. Emily is the writer and host of Lockheed Martin’s Spotlight Space, a YouTube series that features the space projects they are involved in.
Emily published her first book in 2017 as the author of the Ada Lace Adventures, a chapter book series about a young West Virginia girl who solves problems with robots and technology. The second book in the series, Ada Lace: Sees Red, was included in the National Science Teachers Association’s list of best STEM books for 2018.
Emily has given talks about the importance of science literacy, the benefits of space exploration, and the challenges for women in STEM careers for clients like Google, Pixar, MIT, West Virginia University, Texas Instruments as well as dozens of K-12 schools across the nation. Her first two TEDx talks, “I Don’t Do Math” and “Space Exploration Is The Worst,” have garnered nearly 500,00 views on YouTube.

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Blooming Beneath The Sun book


chapter Books

science · math · technology · art · mystery
Ada Lace And The Suspicious Artist
school · science · friendship · adventure · math
Ada Lace and the Impossible Mission
robots · outer space · friendship · aliens
Ada Lace, Take Me to Your Leader
sleuthing · detectives · mystery · dogs · inventions · science
Ada Lace, on the Case
competition · problem solving · science · art · robots · jealousy
Ada Lace Sees Red

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