Emma Trithart

Emma Trithart is an illustrator, hand letterer & graphic designer living in Los Angeles. She graduated with a BFA in Illustration from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and has worked with a wide variety of clients such as American Girl, Disney Hyperion, Caribou Coffee, Random House, Scholastic Books, Simon & Schuster, the Los Angeles Times and Harper Collins. She enjoys karaoke, video games, petting other people's dogs and talking about herself in the third person.

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How has reading influenced your life?

Reading has always inspired me to flex my imagination. I would devour all sorts of books and my love of the public library remains strong today. At every stage of my life I've tried to make time to read and to appreciate the magic that books bring to life.

What advice do you have for parents and others who are trying to raise readers?

I'm not a parent, but as a former child I can say that being introduced to new kinds of books with a variety of topics kept me the most engaged! Some of the best books I read as a kid were ones I might not have immediately picked off a shelf, which is something I try to remember even now as an adult.

What do you do when you're in need of some inspiration?

In the short term if I can consume some sort of different media - film, novels, music, even fine art - I often come out with a little nugget of inspiration that can carry over into my art. In the long term: getting away to a cabin to relax and take in a little nature.

How did you come to the realization that you wanted to write/illustrate children's books professionally?

I've wanted to be an artist in some way ever since I was in middle school. Seeing other artists in my family work as illustrators lead me in this direction, although in college I thought I wanted to work more on editorial pieces. Only after I graduated did I realize the potential that children's illustration has for play and self expression that really appeals to me.

If you could collaborate with anyone on creating a children's book, who would it be?

Chrissy Tiegen, no question about it. I love her sense of humor (and her taste in video games) and I think it would easily translate into a fantastic children's book.

What is a goal you'd like to accomplish, either within the field of children's literature, or outside it?

Representation is incredibly important to me, and I hope to continue to make art for kids of all ages that they can see themselves in. I'd love to continue to create work that shines a light on all sorts of different kinds of people who don't normally get the spotlight in children's books.

Outside of writing/illustrating, what activities do you enjoy?

Cooking and baking (I love trying new recipes especially), playing video games, karaoke and relaxing on the beach with a good book.

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Jingle Bells at the Zoo book
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Jingle Bells at the Zoo
Halloween · the zoo · interactive · animals · lift-the-flaps
Boo at the Zoo

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Me and My Family Tree


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