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Eric Hill


Eric Hill ( left school when he was 15 and took up cartooning while working as a messenger at an art studio. He created Where’s Spot? as a bedtime story for his two-year old son. It was published four years later, and the rest is history. Eric Hill passed away in July 2014.

Spot's Road Trip
Find Spot at the Hospital
Spot's Pumpkin Surprise
Spot's Train
Spot's Fire Engine
Find Spot at Preschool
Spot's Easter Basket
Spot's Snowy Day
Find Spot at the Halloween Party
Find Spot at the Stadium
Spot's New Friend
Find Spot at the Library

Most Popular Eric Hill Books

    board • 16 Pages
    Find Spot at the Halloween Party
    Eric Hill
    picture • 16 Pages
    Find Spot at the Wildlife Park
    Eric Hill
    board • 12 Pages
    Spot Loves Bedtime
    Eric Hill
    board • 12 Pages
    Spot Goes to the Farm
    Eric Hill
    picture • 10 Pages
    Spot's Pumpkin Surprise
    Eric Hill
    picture • 14 Pages
    Spot Goes to the Swimming Pool
    Eric Hill

Book Stats


All Eric Hill Books

2023Spot's Road Trip10
2022Find Spot at the Hospital16
2022Spot's Pumpkin Surprise10
2021Spot's Train10
2021Spot's Fire Engine12
2021Find Spot at Preschool16
2021Spot's Easter Basket10
2020Spot's Snowy Day12
2020Find Spot at the Halloween Party16
2020Find Spot at the Stadium16
2020Spot's New Friend12
2019Find Spot at the Library16
2019Spot Goes to the Beach12
2019Find Spot at the Wildlife Park16
2018Spot's Tractor10
2018Spot Plays Soccer12
2018Spot Goes to the Swimming Pool14
2017Spot Goes to the Fire Station14
2017Find Spot at the Museum16
2017All About Spot10
2017Get Well Soon, Spot12
2016I Love You, Spot10
2016Happy New Year, Spot!10
2016Spot's Thanksgiving10
2016Spot Loves Bedtime12
2015Spot's Lift-the-Flap Peekaboo12
2015Spot Looks at Opposites20
2015Spot Loves School12
2014Spot Goes Shopping12
2014Spot's Halloween14
2013Spot Says Please12
2013Spot's Opposites10
2011Spot's Toys12
2007Who's There, Spot?24
2007Spot's Colors, Shapes, and Numbers12
2007Spot's Birthday Party12
2007Spot's Easter Surprise10
2006Spot's Book of Words12
2006Spot Loves His Mommy12
2006Spot Goes to the Circus24
2005Spot Bakes a Cake20
2005Spot Goes to the Park24
2005Night-Night, Spot32
2005Spot Loves His Daddy14
2004Spot's First Christmas20
2004Spot at Home14
2004Spot Sleeps Over24
2004Spot Goes to School24
2004Spot's First Easter24
2004Spot's First Walk24
2004Good Night, Spot16
2004Spot's Christmas12
2003Spot Can Count24
2003Where's Spot?24
2001Spot's First Picnic and Other Stories32
2000Spot Tells the Time1
2000Spot Goes Splash! and Other Stories32
1997Spot's Favorite Colors22
1995Spot's Big Book of Words24
1987Spot Goes to the Farm12
1986Spot Looks at Shapes1
1985Spot at Play14


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