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I grew up in Holland, playing soccer and drawing cartoons. I was eleven when my family immigrated to America. Speaking no English, where language failed me, drawing helped me communicate. When I was thirteen I was invited to visit the Disney Studio, and was encouraged to make my own animated films. Comic books and animation became a passion, which eventually led to a job at the Disney studio. Since then I’ve worked on such films as “Frozen,” “The Princess and The Frog,” “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” “The Road To El Dorado,” and most recently, “Mary Poppins Returns.”

Music and old movies help put me in a creative mood, letting my mind wander off and spark ideas. Entertaining my kids with bedtime stories inspired me to write children’s books. At Disney I was taught to observe the world around me for inspiration, so I always keep sketchbooks handy for doodling at airports or doctor’s waiting rooms. Our very fat and funny cat inspired a series of picture books called Fuddles.

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  • Many thanks to the Karens and Aladdin; Karen Nagel, Karina Grande, and Karen Paprocki, (editor, art-director, and art-director, respectively.)
    A Very Fuddles Christmas

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