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GERTRUDE CHANDLER WARNER was born in 1890 in Putnam, Connecticut, where she later taught school. She wrote The Boxcar Children because she had often imagined how delightful it would be to live in a caboose or freight car. Encouraged by the book’s success, she went on to write eighteen more stories about the Alden children.

Mystery of the Spotted Leopard
The Big Spill Rescue
The Mystery in the Magic Shop
Race Through White-Water Canyon
Myth of the Rain Forest Monster
Mermaids of the Deep Blue Sea
Mystery of the Hidden Elves
Trouble on the Wild West Express

Most Popular Gertrude Chandler Warner Books

    chapter • 154 Pages
    The Boxcar Children
    #1 in Series
    Gertrude Chandler Warner, L. Kate Deal
    chapter • 192 Pages
    Surprise Island
    #2 in Series
    Gertrude Chandler Warner, Mary Gehr
    chapter • 191 Pages
    The Yellow House Mystery
    #3 in Series
    Gertrude Chandler Warner, Mary Gehr
    chapter • 128 Pages
    Mystery Behind the Wall
    #17 in Series
    Gertrude Chandler Warner, David Cunningham
    chapter • 128 Pages
    Mystery Ranch
    #4 in Series
    Gertrude Chandler Warner, Dirk Gringhuis
    chapter • 128 Pages
    Bus Station Mystery
    #18 in Series
    Gertrude Chandler Warner, David Cunningham

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All Gertrude Chandler Warner Books

2022Mystery of the Spotted LeopardGertrude Chandler Warner144
2022The Big Spill RescueGertrude Chandler Warner144
2022The Mystery in the Magic ShopGertrude Chandler WarnerAnthony VanArsdale128
2021Race Through White-Water CanyonGertrude Chandler WarnerHollie Hibbert144
2021Myth of the Rain Forest MonsterGertrude Chandler WarnerThomas Girard144
2021Mermaids of the Deep Blue SeaGertrude Chandler WarnerThomas Girard144
2021Mystery of the Hidden ElvesGertrude Chandler WarnerThomas Girard144
2020Trouble on the Wild West ExpressGertrude Chandler Warner144
2020Science Fair SabotageGertrude Chandler WarnerAnthony VanArsdale128
2020The Amusement Park MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
2019The Power Down MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerAnthony VanArsdale128
2019Mike's MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerShane Clester48
2019Secret on the Thirteenth FloorGertrude Chandler Warner128
2019The Yellow House MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerGertrude Chandler WarnerShane Clester48
2019Mystery RanchGertrude Chandler WarnerShane Clester48
2019The Great Spy ShowdownGertrude Chandler Warner144
2019The Sea Turtle MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerGertrude Chandler Warner128
2019The Hundred-Year MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
2018The Day of the Dead MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
2018The Legend of the Howling WerewolfGertrude Chandler Warner128
2018Surprise IslandGertrude Chandler Warner64
2018Midnight at the Haunted HotelGertrude Chandler Warner160
2018The Robot RansomGertrude Chandler WarnerGertrude Chandler Warner128
2018The Doughnut WhodunitGertrude Chandler Warner128
2017The Boxcar Children: Fully Illustrated EditionGertrude Chandler WarnerAnne Yvonne GilbertGretchen Ellen Powers168
2017The Detour of the ElephantsGertrude Chandler WarnerAnthony VanArsdale144
2016The Legend of the Irish CastleGertrude Chandler Warner128
2015The Mystery at the Calgary StampedeGertrude Chandler Warner128
2015The Mystery of the Missing Pop IdolGertrude Chandler Warner128
2015The Mystery of the Stolen Dinosaur BonesGertrude Chandler Warner128
2014The Mystery of the Grinning GargoyleGertrude Chandler Warner128
2014The Mystery of the Soccer SnitchGertrude Chandler Warner128
2014The Mystery of the Wild West BanditGertrude Chandler Warner113
2011The Great Turkey HeistGertrude Chandler WarnerGertrude Chandler Warner144
2011The Clue in the Recycling BinGertrude Chandler Warner120
2010The Cupcake CaperGertrude Chandler Warner112
2010The Lighthouse MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner, Joeming DunnBen Dunn32
2010The Secret Under the TreeGertrude Chandler Warner32
2010The Amazing Mystery ShowGertrude Chandler Warner128
2010The Castle MysteryShannon Eric Denton, Gertrude Chandler WarnerMark Bloodworth32
2010The Pizza MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner, Rob M. WorleyMike Dubisch32
2010The Spy in the BleachersGertrude Chandler Warner128
2009The Spy GameGertrude Chandler Warner128
2008The Ghost at the Drive-In MovieGertrude Chandler Warner128
2008The Great Detective RaceGertrude Chandler Warner128
2007The Box That Watch FoundGertrude Chandler Warner128
2006The Giant Yo-Yo MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
2005The Mystery of the Orphan TrainGertrude Chandler Warner128
2004Benny's Boxcar SleepoverGertrude Chandler Warner32
2004The Mystery of the Haunted BoxcarGertrude Chandler Warner122
2004The Mystery of the Runaway GhostGertrude Chandler Warner144
2003The Black Widow Spider MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
2003The Radio MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
2003The Ice Cream MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerGertrude Chandler Warner128
2002Watch, the Superdog!Gertrude Chandler Warner32
2002The Mystery of the Spider's ClueGertrude Chandler Warner128
2002The Mystery on Blizzard MountainGertrude Chandler Warner128
2002The Candy Factory MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
2002The Mystery of Alligator SwampGertrude Chandler Warner160
2002The Mystery of the Mummy's CurseGertrude Chandler Warner144
2002The Mystery at Skeleton PointGertrude Chandler Warner120
2001Benny's Saturday SurpriseGertrude Chandler Warner32
2001The Disappearing Staircase MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
2001The Copycat MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
2001The Mystery of the Screech OwlGertrude Chandler Warner144
2001The Haunted Clock Tower MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner144
2001The Mystery of the Tiger's EyeGertrude Chandler Warner128
2001The Summer Camp MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
2000The Great Bicycle Race MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
2000The Mystery of the Wild PoniesGertrude Chandler Warner144
2000The Mystery of the Empty SafeGertrude Chandler Warner128
1999Watch Runs AwayGertrude Chandler Warner32
1999The Mystery of the Black RavenGertrude Chandler Warner144
1999The Mystery of the Pirate's MapGertrude Chandler Warner128
1999The Mystery in the MallGertrude Chandler Warner128
1998A Present for GrandfatherGertrude Chandler Warner32
1998The Magic Show MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner32
1998Benny's New FriendGertrude Chandler Warner32
1998The Mystery of the Queen's JewelsGertrude Chandler Warner144
1998Meet the Boxcar ChildrenGertrude Chandler Warner46
1998The Mystery of the Lake MonsterGertrude Chandler Warner128
1998The Mystery at Peacock HallGertrude Chandler Warner128
1998The Cereal Box MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner120
1998The Mystery of the Stolen SwordGertrude Chandler Warner128
1998The Panther MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
1997The Mystery in the Old AtticGertrude Chandler Warner144
1997The Mystery in San FranciscoGertrude Chandler Warner128
1997The Mystery at the AlamoGertrude Chandler Warner128
1997The Firehouse MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
1997The Soccer MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
1996The Mystery of the Lost MineGertrude Chandler Warner128
1996The Guide Dog MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
1996The Mystery on the TrainGertrude Chandler Warner128
1996The Mystery of the Secret MessageGertrude Chandler Warner128
1995The Chocolate Sundae MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner120
1995The Mystery of the Stolen BoxcarGertrude Chandler Warner128
1995The Mystery at the BallparkGertrude Chandler Warner144
1995The Mystery of the Stolen MusicGertrude Chandler Warner128
1995The Mystery of the Hot Air BalloonGertrude Chandler Warner128
1995The Mystery BookstoreGertrude Chandler Warner128
1995The Mystery in the CaveGertrude Chandler Warner128
1994The Mystery in Washington D.C.Gertrude Chandler Warner144
1994The Mystery on StageGertrude Chandler Warner128
1994The Mystery at Snowflake InnGertrude Chandler Warner100
1993The Mystery on the IceGertrude Chandler Warner144
1993The Pizza MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
1993The Mystery HorseGertrude Chandler Warner128
1992The Mystery of the Mixed-Up ZooGertrude Chandler Warner128
1992The Mystery CruiseGertrude Chandler Warner128
1992The Camp-Out MysteryGertrude Chandler Warner128
1992The Mystery of the Hidden PaintingGertrude Chandler Warner128
1992The Mystery GirlGertrude Chandler Warner128
1990The Woodshed MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham160
1977The Boxcar ChildrenGertrude Chandler Warner, L. Kate Deal154
1976Benny Uncovers a MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham128
1974Bus Station MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham128
1973Mystery Behind the WallGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham128
1971Mystery in the SandGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham128
1970Bicycle MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham128
1969Tree House MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham128
1968Snowbound MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham128
1967Houseboat MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham128
1966Caboose MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham128
1965Schoolhouse MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham128
1964Mountain Top MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham128
1963The Lighthouse MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDavid Cunningham128
1961Blue Bay MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDirk Gringhuis160
1960Mike's MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerDirk Gringhuis128
1958Mystery RanchGertrude Chandler WarnerDirk Gringhuis128
1953The Yellow House MysteryGertrude Chandler WarnerMary Gehr191
1949Surprise IslandGertrude Chandler WarnerMary Gehr192


L. Kate Deal
Mary Gehr
David Cunningham
Dirk Gringhuis
Anthony VanArsdale
Thomas Girard
Shane Clester
Anne Yvonne Gilbert
Gretchen Ellen Powers
Ben Dunn
Joeming Dunn
Rob M. Worley
Mike Dubisch
Shannon Eric Denton
Mark Bloodworth
Hollie Hibbert


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