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Ginny Tilby


Greetings fellow earthlings! Ginny Tilby here. I write and illustrate children’s books that inspire, uplift and draw a smile and laughter. I’m an advocate for mental health, and understand mental health is greatly affected by childhood. Besides, who could be more fun to write and make art for? What is more magical, colorful, engaging, new and full of wonder than the world of children?

What are my hobbies and interests, you ask? Well, because you asked, I guess I’ll tell. I love to sing. Not great at it, but it takes more energy to refrain from singing than to be silent as I go throughout my daily to-do’s. I enjoy riding my bike, learning to play my guitar, and who doesn’t love a good movie with blankets and popcorn and a fire and apples. Yes apples! That’s enough for now. Thanks for the chat. Now please remember to be yourself and love it! You are the only person in the world who can. I think you’re pretty special XOXO.

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