Gwynneth Jones

Gwynneth is an illustrator whose work can make people laugh and cry. She portrays joy, suspense and thought, drawing on memories of childhood play and introspection. She has an ability to develop ideas into drawings of interest and perspective that add their own story to text in her books.
Gwynneth often draws live for kids at events and loves it!

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Finding Granny book

How I Became a Children's Book Illustrator

Being a children's book illustrator is a dream of many, so I feel lucky to have been noticed. I have always drawn and done commissions and markets, and people often asked me if I drew books. I had opportunity to leave an office job in 2012 so I jumped into the world of illustration, built up my profile on facebook, networked by joining CBCA and SCBWI and joined online illustration groups.

I was called by EK Books to ask would I like to illustrate a manuscript called Don't Think About Purple Elephants, by Susan Whelan in 2014. That amazing and exciting day led me to start illustrating books, and I'm still going!



What is the biggest challenge you face when illustrating a children's book?

Often its getting the characters formed and looking alike through the book. I really love drawing roughs in lead pencil, so sometimes its challenging to do a finished work that I love as much as the rough.

Tell us about your process for creating a children's book from start to finish?

After I receive a manuscript from EK Books via email, I will read and think up images straight away. Then I share scribbles of characters with the editor and author, and discuss changes to be made or developed. I will then do a storyboard, do full size roughs, scan them and digitally send them off to the editor and book designer who places them into a book pdf. This is when the text is placed and drawings adjusted around it. Also the editor will make changes and suggestions if needed and then I go ahead on the finished works! Usually my work is all hand done, so they are packed off to New Zealand to be scanned, digitally sent to Surfers Paradise area to be placed then printed in China. After a while, a brand new book is posted to me, and its a wonderful feeling.

What do you do when you're in need of some inspiration?

Walk the dog!

When is your favorite time to work?

I can work any time of day, though now I have a studio space that I go to mostly through the day.

What do you hope young readers experience from your work?

I remember being absorbed by illustrations in story books, I would like young people to discover little twists, an extra story in the visuals, and humour when they see my work.

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Finding Granny book
Finding Granny
The Chalk Rainbow book
The Chalk Rainbow
Dance With Me book
Dance With Me
The Great Sock Secret book
The Great Sock Secret
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Patch And Ruby
Don't Think About Purple Elephants book
Don't Think About Purple Elephants


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