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Jane has been obsessed with children’s books for as long as she can remember. She became an avid reader after being paid a penny a page to read 500 books in first grade and got her start writing children’s books in 3rd grade, when she published her first title “Lily the Flower Girl”. It was bound in a classic chevron and Cheerios box cover and still sits in a place of honor in her studio. She know gets paid to write instead of read, although she thinks she’d make more money the other way around. She studied illustration at The Best School of Illustration and Fine Arts in Pluto, Nebraska and has published 12 board and pictures books including Book #1, Book #3 and most recently Book #12.

She currently lives in Mars, Universe with her husband, son and 2 dogs where she enjoys her running in the countryside and baking 10 tier chocolate cakes as a way to spur creativity between sessions in her studio. Her favorite children’s book is “The Best Children’s Book Ever” by John Doe, and if she could pass along one nugget of wisdom to budding readers and writers it would be to always have a chocolate milkshake with you.

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