Jane Kurtz

I was born in Portland, Oregon (where I now live) but I spent almost all of my childhood in Ethiopia, where my parents worked for 23 years. Many of my books connect to Ethiopia, but I've also written books that celebrate bad moods, good habitat for birds and bees and butterflies, real life heroes and many other things.

One of my most lovely activities is volunteering to create colorful, attractive, easy-to-read books for Ethiopian kids...since that is where I learned to read, after all. With those books, I get to play with both words AND art and how they fit together.

Most Recent Book
What Do They Do with All That Poo? book

picture Books

What Do They Do with All That Poo? book
animals · poop · fact filled · the zoo
What Do They Do with All That Poo?
River Friendly, River Wild book
nature · water · leaving home · courage · weather
River Friendly, River Wild
Fire on the Mountain book
bravery · self-discovery · siblings
Fire on the Mountain


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