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Jasmyn Wright is the founder of the Push Through Organization and a former elementary school teacher. She began her teaching career at a Title 1 school in Memphis, Tennessee, as a member of Teach for America. More recently, she taught at a charter school in Wilmington, Delaware, and was chosen to be a Teachers for Global Classrooms Fellow. Visit the Push Through Organization at

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  • To God, who is my ultimate source and strength. To my mom and grandmom, who nurture the creativity of my gifts. To my dad and older brother, whose personalities and humor help me push through. To my younger, autistic brother Julian, whose energy and spirit light up ANY space. To all of my students, who helped bring this message to life. To anybody in the world struggling to see their strength because it’s clouded by the barrier of doubt, just know that you too can Push Through!
    I'm Gonna Push Through!