Jessie Janowitz

Jessie Janowitz grew up in New York City and still lives there with her family.

She started making up stories before she was old enough to write them down. She still has one that she dictated to her mother. It’s basically Star Wars but takes place on a planet called Denkofa. Eventually, she came up with more original material. Her debut middle grade novel THE DOUGHNUT FIX, came out from Sourcebooks in April 2018 and is not at all like Star Wars, but there are doughnuts.

Look for THE DOUGHNUT KING out in Spring 2019!

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The Doughnut Fix book

Where did the idea for THE DOUGHNUT FIX come from?

There were two real sparks that set me on the path to writing The Doughnut Fix. Strangely perhaps, neither was a doughnut.

Spark #1: Back in 2008--I incubate stories for a long time before I put pen to paper--I witnessed kids being pulled from my son's school mid-year. It was during the financial crisis, and these families' circumstances had changed so drastically and suddenly that they had to leave their homes and community. It was clear that these kids sensed something had gone terribly wrong, but they were never told the complete story. Moving can be traumatic enough, and I wondered what that experience would be like if the decision was taken suddenly, and you knew you weren't getting all the facts.

Spark #2:
A sign in the window of a small market in a very small town I drive through all the time said ""Yes, we do have chocolate cream donuts!"" It always made me laugh and wonder what the story behind it might be. There was something about the store, one that had seen better days, that made me suspect that it didn’t actually have chocolate cream doughnuts, which made the sign so much better, not as a potential doughnut source, of course, but as story material. A lying sign really got my imagination going.


Outside of writing/illustrating, what activities do you enjoy?

I’m hanging out with my kids. I have three. I listen to a LOT of audiobooks. I just listened to "The Hazel Wood" with my kids, and I highly recommend it. I also love to travel with my family. Our last big trip was to India. It was magical, particularly the Himalayas, where we visited Buddhist monasteries.

Do you have a favorite children’s book?

So many! "Ira Sleeps Over," "The Wolves of Willoughby Chase," "Corduroy"…I could go on!

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The Doughnut Fix
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